I am a PhD student in the Supertech group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, supervised by Prof. Charles Leiserson. I'm a recipient of the Ray Stata Presidential Fellowship.

I'm currently working on an LLVM-based instrumentation framework for post-Moore software. My research interests are mainly performance engineering, compilers and systems, but I like to try out a lot of different things. 

Before coming to MIT, I was at the University of Cambridge (UK) as a member of St. Catharine's College, where I completed my Master of Philosophy in Advanced Computer Science under the supervision of Dr. Robert Watson. You can take a look at my Master's thesis on low-overhead temporal assertions here.

I completed my BSc in Computer Science and Engineering at the Free University of Bozen - Bolzano, Italy under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Ricci, and spent a year in Sweden as an exchange student.

I have interned once at Microsoft Norway and twice at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK. My work was mainly on lock-free graph databases and distributed data structures on top of a transactional memory abstraction.